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We Will Buy Your House In 24 Hours No Matter What Condition It's In.

I was so nervous to sell our home without someone (lawyer or realtor) representing me….but I am happy to report everything Quinn said was 100% how it played out.
Lindsay Lumber

It was a pleasure working with Desert Cash Buyers, and especially Quinn. thank you for your kindness and patience. Best of luck with the property.

Bonnie Bentley-Conner

Total professional. Excellent communication, attentiveness and creative problem solving. Desert Cash Buyers stands out from the crowd!

Brian Eustis

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Houses We've Bought In The Past

Bad Area
Houses that are in a bad or unsafe area that are hard to sell or list on the market.
Fire Damage
Houses that are damaged by a fire and the owner cannot afford to pay for the repair costs
Houses where the owner has gone bankrupt or in the process off and they need to sell.
Houses that have liens against it and is seized by the government so the owner need to sell.
Medical Issues
Houses where the owner or their family members have a medical issue and they need money.
Houses where they are in the process of being liquidated and the owner needs to sell.
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